Monday, July 13, 2015

Blog 8/7

Today we got our textbook (Coursebouch in German). We learned about more different careers, including how to hold a short conversation about career. We also learned how to ask and answer simple question about where people live. And as English, German also has conjugates. We studied conjugates of simple verbs like kommen(come), haben(have) and arberten(work).

I found a really nice bakery on my way to Goethe Institut and had my breakfast there. It’s sooooo good!! I also got my monthly train ticket. You could take any train, metro and bus with it within July. It’s very convenient.

        For dinner, I had two buns with chocolate stuffing at the same bakery. It’s amazing!!

        Now I’m doing my homework in a cafĂ© near Goethe Institute. After I’m done, I’ll go back home. 

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