Monday, July 13, 2015

Blog 10/7

Today we learned simple conversation in stores and restaurant, vocabulary of the different furniture. Interesant (interesting) thing is that, in German each piece of furniture has its own sexuality. For example, Teppich (carpet) is male and Couch is female. According to our teacher, it’s just a convention and we just need to memorize everything.

        Oh my, I just realized that I haven’t introduced my classmates and my housemate yet… Doing it now. There are zwolf (twelve) students in my class. Most of them kommt us den (come from) USA. Two from France, one from Britain and one from Japan. More than half of them are students and the other half are ingeneur(engineer), tanzerin(dancer), professor and entrepreneur. They are all sehr (very) nice—we struggle together afterall : )

        And my housemate is from Madawaska. She speaks really good German and has been a German teacher for fungf (five) years. Her English is not as good as her German but enough for us to communicate. She is really open-minded and funny. We cooked together and plan to go shopping together on Saturday. 

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